AvEG-Kon: Hundreds of people killed in Soma, Turkey…

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Hundreds of people killed in Soma, Turkey…
It is not a disaster, but massacre!

Turkey has witnessed the greatest workers massacre of history. Hundreds of workers have lost their live in a mine which was collapsed following an explosion in Soma, Western Turkey, and yet the number of death is increasing every hour.

For many years, the Turkish state has been kept silent about the killings in workplaces for the sake of capital growth and always introduced new promotion laws. Turkish state is the sole responsible of the massacre that occurred as a result of privatisation attacks. Turkish state and the capitalists those who have been promoting for work without security are the killers of hundreds of workers since yesterday and today. Their hands are full of blood of workers and labourers.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan, says this is a fate, and others say “it is a nice death”. Thus they mock with our deaths. Erdogan, who made same statement about previous workers’ deaths in the docks, have shown how they value the lives of workers and labourers.

This is the picture of the system of exploitation and massacre. The state has prepared a report on the security conditions of the mine just ten months ago which is now become a grave for hundreds of workers. The falseness of the report has been brought to open by the massacre of workers.

It is time say no to the system of exploitation and death. It is time to bring capitalists who made their safe-box full of money upon blood of workers and the political power which feeds itself with blood.
As the European Confederation of Oppressed Immigrants, we condemn the massacre of workers in Soma. We know that Turkish state is the one responsible of this massacre and therefore call on everyone to protest the massacre.
It is time to increase the class solidarity against capitalism, the system of capital and exploitation.

To the streets against the system of exploitation and massacre!
Let’s increase solidarity with Soma workers!
Down with the capitalist system!
Long live class solidarity!

European Confederation of Oppressed Immigrants