Justice of Fascism in Turkey: 3 Thousand Years of Imprisonment.

Justice of Fascism in Turkey: 3 Thousand Years of Imprisonment.

Freedom for Socialists!


The Turkish state has given thousands of years of sentence to 26 socialists, including journalists. In the trial, which was continuing against the socialists those who were detained following an operation across Turkey and Kurdistan on 8-12 September 2006, the Istanbul 10th Heavy Penal Court has finalised its verdict on the night of 5th of November and gave thousands of years of imprisonment, including life sentences, to socialists.


The Turkish state, who wants to silence the social opposition and to interrupt forerunning revolutionary and socialist forces from struggle, is still continuing with its policy of annihilation, torture and detention. In Turkey, where there are more than 10 thousand of political prisoners, especially the Kurdish patriots and socialists have had been placed on to the target board. The police terror used against 3,5 million people during Gezi protests, wounding of more than 8 thousand people, 12 people losing their eyesight, the massacre of 6 people and the ongoing detentions since the Gezi are the last examples of the state terror.


The Special Authorised Court, which has given these sentences by leaning on to the Anti-Terror Laws introduced by the AKP government, gave life sentence to Ali Hıdır Polat, Naci Güner, Ziya Ulusoy, Bayram Namaz, Arif Çelebi, İbrahim Çiçek, Füsun Erdoğan and Erkan Özdemir. All these 7 socialists have also been hold responsible for 155 actions without any proof and given 3 thousand years of imprisonment. The socialists those who have been released before were issued warrant to be detained again.


These sentences against the socialists aim to stop the social struggle that developed following the Gezi resistance. It aims to hinder workers’ struggle for rights and organisation, uprising of the youth against repression, struggle of women against patriarchal system, Kurdish people’s freedom struggle and the defence of Rojava revolution. It aims to silence the communists and revolutionaries and to interrupt them from fight for revolution and socialism by imprisoning them to dungeons for life.


But the Fascist Turkish state will once more see that it is wrong. The sentences, attacks and massacres have not and will not hinder the people’s demand for freedom, uprising of the working class and the young people’s struggle for rights. It cannot stop the one’s ongoing fight for revolution and socialism under fire.


As AvEG-Kon, we strongly protest the sentences given against the socialists by the fascist Turkish state. We call on the immigrant workers and labourers living in Europe, the European democratic and progressive forces to protest the sentences given by the Turkish state and to increase the solidarity with socialists.


Down With Fascism!

Freedom to Socialists!



European Confederation of Oppressed Immigrants