We have not forgotten 19th December; we will not allow it to be forgotten!

We have not forgotten 19th December; we will not allow it to be forgotten!

We have not forgotten 19th December; we will not allow it to be forgotten!

Workers, toilers,

13 years ago, on 19-22nd December 2000, one of history’s largest massacre was carried out in a total of 22 prisons where revolutionary prisoners were held. During this Total 3 day lasting massacre, 28 revolutionary prisoners were killed and hundreds were severely injured. And moreover, the revolutionary prisoners were deported to F-type prisons without having had treatment, placing them in coffin-like cells, thus doing so, exhibiting a complete example of utter brutality.

This attack is the expression of a consciously planned and focused attack, a vicious and brutal attack. Although the primary target of this attack on that specific day were the revolutionary prisoners, the basis of the attack was targeting the revolutionary party and organizations. On the other hand, although this attack aimed to break the will and to force them to surrender, the revolutionary prisoners, being the most conscious, most determined, most selfless en most experienced elements of the revolutionary movement. In fact the actual aim of this attack was to break the will of the total progressive and revolutionary forces and in their personification the workers and toilers internationally and of Turkey

Revolutionary will cannot be made to surrender!

Prior to this massacre, fascism made its trials in the prisons of Buca, Diyarbakır, Ümraniye and lastly in Ulucanlar, particularly in an example of aggression that even the word atrocity would be left insufficient to describe. However, each time the revolutionary prisoners have courageously and most resolutely fended these attacks on those days. The revolutionary prisoners have stood against this atrocious attack on 19th December with similar courage and bravery as was displayed against the brutal attacks by Hitler during the II. World war. With the consciousness that they are struggling for the just cause of millions of workers and toilers they have responded to this brutal attack with a great resistance. As was in Ulucanlar, they were killed one by one reaching immortality but they never surrendered. When the F-type cell, a submission policy, attack started the revolutionary prisoners had said “ we will die, but never surrender!”. The revolutionary prisoners have fulfilled these words exactly. The fascist Turkish state was only able to physically put the revolutionary prisoners into F-type prisons by displaying this complete atrocious attack. However the main target of this attack was to break the will of the revolutionary prisoners and to control it, but fascism never succeeded in doing so. Whatever the course of that day and later was and is, history was written on 19th December. On 19th December the most advanced and most outstanding examples of revolutionary velour were exhibited. Once more it is shown to friend and foe that revolutionary will cannot be made to surrender. It is not just a massacre day, but also and mainly a day of great resistance. What makes 19-22nd December memorable is this rebellious spirit.

AKP Period: isolation, torture and a continuation of uninterrupted attacks for surrender!

The religious-reactionary AKP government with regards to the prisons has such as its predecessors interruptedly continued its policy of torture, forcing to surrender and solitary confinement. During the AKP period the number of political prisoners has reached the highest number in history. Out of the ten thousands of political prisoners, 164 are severally and terminally ill, a total of 544 prisoners are either ill or wounded. Let alone having sick and wounded prisoners being released, their treatment is even blocked and prevented. Revolutionary prisoners are still in F-type prisons. The submission and surrender policies against revolutionary prisoners in the F-type prisons of fascism are relentlessly continuing. Against this the un-bowing resistance of revolutionary prisoners. And moreover, the June protestors have joined our ranks, doing so have empowered it more with the resistance spirit of June. We salute all those revolutionaries who have become immortal during the19th December massacre, the hunger strikes and the great death fast with deep respect. And call upon all workers, toilers, progressives and revolutionaries, to defend the revolutionary prisoners, the honour of our revolutionary tradition, everywhere, under all conditions and to be raise the solidarity with them with the June resistance militant spirit.

Long Live our December 19th Struggle!

We have not forgotten 19th December; we will not allow it to be forgotten!

The murderer state will account for this!

Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity!

ATİK-UPOTUDAK, Bir-Kar, ADHK, Yaşanacak Dünya, AÖTDK